inter∞note marks an independent curatorial publishing platform of DECOSO for reflecting on the possibilities and impossibilities of research practices, contemporary art and curatorial/politics which function under current conditions of the ongoing coloniality of global capitalism. It can be understood as a research edition that may take the form of a paper, poster, booklet, research-video, interface, or any other format to reflect on the research project Decolonizing Socialism. Entangled Internationalism by para-academic means. The name inter∞note alludes to the prefix INTER which one could read in socialist countries such as the GDR attached to various kinds of infrastructure of consumption, design, travel and collectivity. The term NOTE refers to the need to take notes as a necessary methodology during a research process by means of listening, observing, reflecting, concretizing, time-lining, commenting, etc. The ∞ speaks of feedback loops, back and forward, infinitely.

Research Terms