The Missed Seminar
After Eslanda Robeson. In Conversation with Steve McQueen’s “End Credits”
#3 Decoso Meeting:
Reflexive Tema and Global Elsewheres
#2 Decoso Meeting:
Optimum Earth? Experimentation in Soviet Cybernetics
“Unofficial America goes to the conference”:
a missed seminar on Eslanda Robeson
DECOSO Meeting #4
Latent Worlds: On Low Resolution in High Dimensions
#1 Decoso Meeting:
Decolonizing Socialism X Cybernetics
The Time Lag of Defa-Futurum:
A Socialist Cine-Futurism from East Germany
Mathematics is a Generator of Diversity
Three-part seminar
A Transgenerational Commentary on a Song (inter∞note 02)
By Sónia Vaz Borges in conversation with vinit agarwal
Hidden Labour Across (inter∞note 01)
OI OI OI OI OI (inter∞note00)