Till the Sun Rises. Sequence 1
Sequences: Entangled Internationalisms.
Intervention Albertinum THE MISSED SEMINAR
#5 Decoso Meeting
Cybernetics for a 4th World. A Latin American World Model on Cooperative Development represented in the Buildings for UNCTAD III (Santiago de Chile, April 1972).
The Missed Seminar
After Eslanda Robeson. In Conversation with Steve McQueen’s “End Credits”
#3 Decoso Meeting:
Reflexive Tema and Global Elsewheres
#2 Decoso Meeting:
Optimum Earth? Experimentation in Soviet Cybernetics
“Unofficial America goes to the conference”:
a missed seminar on Eslanda Robeson
DECOSO Meeting #4
Latent Worlds: On Low Resolution in High Dimensions
#1 Decoso Meeting:
Decolonizing Socialism X Cybernetics
The Time Lag of Defa-Futurum:
A Socialist Cine-Futurism from East Germany
Mathematics is a Generator of Diversity
Three-part seminar
A Transgenerational Commentary on a Song (inter∞note 02)
By Sónia Vaz Borges in conversation with vinit agarwal
Hidden Labour Across (inter∞note 01)
OI OI OI OI OI (inter∞note00)