A latency as a network delay in technologically constituted world(s), a sinusoidal wave following a cosine wave on a frequency interval of π/2. Latent as a possible world in this π/2 interval between two waves, latent whose possibility is not yet actualized but which has definitely announced itself, yet splotchy, pixelated and in low resolution. Hidden and mythopoetic but operational in the kernel. Caché, cache, cauchemar.

Fri 4 March, 2022 | 4.30-6pm

Work Meeting

DECOSO Meeting #4

Latent Worlds: On Low Resolution in High Dimensions

Venue: Online


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On this occasion of the public sharing of Decolonising Socialism: Entangled Internationalism project’s digital platform and archive, we extend this invitation to think together on the image of the network as a paradigmatic diagram. How do such archetypal representations of ‘interrelations,’ weigh upon the modelling of data, its uses and operational value, as well as narratives of decentralization? How do we draw, read and enact these world-pictures, and for which/whose worlds are they optimized? This conversation begins with complexity as a techno-political site, rather than a euphemism for vagueness or practical deferral, asking what languages, metaphors, and translations may be required to construct non-punitive modalities of entanglement.

The DECOSO Meeting is a seminar-like series that seeks to discuss cybernetic practices and aesthetics for probing the epistemological condition and historical legacy of cybernetic thinking that underpin contemporary concerns about big tech and the rise of digital feudalism.



Contributor Biographies

  • vinit agarwal

    vinit agarwal is a poet and programmer whose work is around orality, translations, and internationalism in the xeno-technological fields.

  • Patricia Reed

    Patricia Reed is a writer, artist and designer whose research focuses on the intelligibility of complex structures as they relate to conditions of inhabitability at planetary dimensions.

  • Ute Holl

    Ute Holl, advisory board member for DECOSO and  professor of media studies at the University of Basel, will be contributing to this meeting as a respondent. Her research focuses on techniques of knowledge visualization, electroacoustics, radiophonics, and the history of cinema and perception.

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